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About Us

Star SU, LLC offers a wide variety of machine tools, precision cutting tools and services including:

• vertical and horizontal gear hobbing machines
• chamfering and deburring machines
• gear grinding machines
• gear shaping and shaving machines
• tool grinding machines
• gear hobs and milling cutters
• gear shaper cutters and shaving tools
• chamfer and deburring tools
• gundrills 
• form tools  and reamers 
• carbide blanks and preforms
• tool coatings
• and tool life cycle management services.

Star SU is the go-to-market cooperative partnership of Star Cutter Company of Farmington Hills, MI, SU America, Inc., the US sales and manufacturing unit to Samputensili, S.p.A., and Bourn & Koch Inc. of Rockford, IL. The companies together represent one of the world’s largest gear machine, tool and gear tool manufacturing

Combined resources.
The combined resources of Star SU enable you to benefit from over 128 years of combined experience in the field of gear manufacturing. This includes expertise in the field of gundrills and reamers, functional and decorative coatings, and near net shape tungsten carbide blanks used in cutting tools, wear parts, and cold heading. Our comprehensive line includes patented solutions you will only find at Star SU.

The headquarters of Star SU is located in Hoffman Estates, IL (Chicago), 30 minutes from Chicago-O’Hare International Airport. The three companies, while partners in Star SU, retain their individual private ownership as manufacturing units.