Carbide Drill & Reamer Blanks

Carbide Drill & Reamer Blanks

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Using both CNC and manual equipment  H.B. Carbide can provide detailed special preforms with minimal grind stock to your print.

Types of preforms include:

  • Straight & Spiral Flutes
  • Coolant holes
  • Stepped diameters
  • Centers (male-female-protected-extended)
  • Flats
  • Chamfers
  • Keyways
  • PCD pockets
  • Threaded preform blanks
  • and more

Carbide Threads

Carbide ThreadsH.B. Carbide offers threaded preforms without additional lead times.

  • Eliminates cracking & other issues assosiated with traditional brazing operatings
  • Solution to problems related to coating of brazed construction tools

Applications include:

  • Tool height adjustment capability
  • Both metric and inch thread sizes
  • Draw screw for tapered & straight shank tools