Master Gears, Ring and Plug Gauges

Master Gears, Ring and Plug Gauges

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Star SU offers a wide range of precision tools for measurement, setting, calibration and correction purposes. Our range includes:

  • Master gears to DIN 3970 standards for single and double flank inspection and run-out measurment of gearings
  • Setting masters to adjust and calibrate quality control instruments
  • Rolling gears to measure noise
  • Rolling gears to reduce burrs and nicks
  • Plug and ring gauges

Certified quality
Master gear design and production processes are all carried out using special Star SU software and modern manufacturing methods. All Star SU checking and setting masters are fully tested on CNC inspection equipment and are delivered with a certificate of conformity. We produce master gears on specially designed and optimized machinery in classes from 2 to 6 to DIN 3962, AGMA and BS standards.

Consulting and analysis optimization
Our experienced engineering team can answer questions on profile analysis and design. Existing profiles can be optimized using our internally developed master gear design software.

Regrinding and recoating
Master gears wear with use and must be reground to ensure quality performance. Star SU provides regrinding and recoating services as well.

All Star SU checking and setting master gears are engraved according to DIN 3970, or with any requested customer-specific data, and bear an individual tracking number, enabling them to be carefully monitored throughout the whole production process.

Our precsion tools are shipped and transported in a specifically developed packaging system. Drawings, documents and checking protocols are safely stored away in a separate pocket integrated into the tool box lid.