PCD Precision Reamers

PCD Precision Reamers

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Star SU/Neher designs and builds precision helical and straight flute PCD reamers, available in carbide and steel body monoblock styles. All tools are manufactured specifically to meet custom design requirements.

Our multi-fluted, fixed pocket PCD precision reamer technology is proven to produce excellent bore roundness, surface finishes, and size control. These PCD precision reamers are available with multiple diameters to ensure optimum concentricity, straightness, and bore location.

Customers using Star SU/Neher precision PCD reamers can expect, based on current customer performance, to achieve cycle reduction, reduced tool changes and an overall increase of productivity. 

When ordering a Star SU/Neher PCD precision reamers it is recommended that tools be ordered with the holder to create a monoblock system. The assembled monoblock construction allows Star SU Neher to grind the tool from the shank/taper, which will:

  • Minimize runout in the assembly (monoblock)
  • Reduced lip height variation
  • Minimize TIR between diameters
  • Fully balanced assemblies (monoblock)