SICMAT RASO 250 TP Gear Shaving Machine

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Raso 250 Gear Shaving Machine

State of the art for twin power shaving. Modular concept and construction, exceptionally high rigidity, synchronized tool/workpiece axes, and more.

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Modular Concept and Construction

The main features of RASO 250 TP are modular concept and construction, exceptionally high rigidity, synchronized tool/workpiece axes, easy accessibility for maintenance and operation, 9 or 10 CNC controlled axes, integrated automation, simultaneous auxiliary operations (chamfering, deburring), vertical workpiece axes, cross slide with linear motors, electro-spindles, workpiece centrifugation.

Main advantages:

  • All shaving processes possible
  • Machine for high productivity applications (mass production)
  • Equipped with 3 CNC axes built-in portal
  • Twin power shaving available because shaving cutters and workpiece spindles are directly driven
  • Chamfering and deburring unit available (Option)
  • Internal portal for a fast automation
  • Oil spin off on the workpiece spindle
  • Also shaft can be shaved
Technical Data Units Value
Workpiece outside diametermm250
Module rangemm1-8
Workpiece max face widthmm220
Min/Max diameter of shaving cuttermm200/254
Min/Max shaving cutter widthmm19/50,8
Min/Max center distance tool-workpiecemm145/345
Speed of shaving cutter spindlerpm10-500
Number of cnc axes (option)6 (7,8)
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