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Generating Grinding Machines

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Generating Grinding

Generally referred to as hard finishing, the generating grinding process makes use of a multi-axes high performance grinding machine equipped with grinding worms also called threaded wheels.

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Combined profile & continuous generating grinding processes

The Samputensili GT 500 H combines all profile and continuous generating grinding processes with the most avant-garde tooling technology around and can grind both complex gear geometries to perfection or mass produce your product when necessary, meaning that you are always ready to meet the needs of your own customers, both today and in the future.

The Samputensili G 250 / G 450, an absolute must for the production of gears up to a workpiece diameter of 450 mm. Simple design concepts in terms of tooling and dressing technology, fast automation and user-friendliness are the strengths behind this innovative machine.

Dressing and profile grinding options are also available for the G 450, although not in such a vast range as with the GT 500 H. Moreover, by combining an G 250 / G 450 with one of our H series of hobbing machines, maintenance becomes ‘child’s play, assuring top-level productivity at all times, while also allowing you a certain amount of flexibility.


G 160 Gear Grinding Machine

TheSamputensili G 160 gear grinding machine is ideal for automotive gear manufacturing applications requiring high efficiency, low maintenance, reliability and fast production.Samputensili G 160 gear grinding machine is ideal for automotive gear manufacturing applications requiring high efficiency, low maintenance, reliability and fast production.


G 250 Gear Grinding Machine

Innovative, compact, and extremely flexible, this machine is based on the best-selling Samputensili S 250/400 G.

Max Workpiece Ø:  250 mm
Module mn:  0.5 – 7.0
Max Workpiece length:  550  mm
Max Face width:   380 mm


G 450 Grinding Machine

This machine has been developed to be innovative, compact, and extremely flexible for low cycle times and top-quality gear production.

Max Workpiece Ø: 450 mm
Module mn: 0.5 – 7.0
Max Workpiece length: 550 mm
Max Face width: 380 mm


GT 500 H Grinding Machine

For small, medium & large batch manufacturing, the GT 500 H is designed for profile and generating grinding of spur and helical external gears as well as other profiles that can be generated by hobbing.

Max Workpiece Ø: 400 mm
Module range: 6.0 mm
Max Profile depth: 1.0 – 20.0 mm


SG 160 SKYGRIND - Dry Grinding Machine

The SG 160 SKYGRIND is the world’s first gear dry grinding machine. This state of the art process removes the need for cooling oils during the hard finish grinding of the gear after the heat treatment.

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