GRX 500 H Rotor and Worm Grinding Machine

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GRX 500 H

GRX 500 H Rotor and Worm Grinding Machine has small to medium lot high precision manufacturing capabilities.

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GRX 500 H Rotor and Worm Grinding Machine

The GRX is a larger and stronger version of the GR. Its powerful twin spindle and extremely stabile bed design make it a must for the manufacture of very large screws and rotors. Especially adapted to grind with CBN, the GRX also makes working with dressable ceramic wheels or even combinations of the two easy.

An integrated measuring unit also makes the correction of rotor prototypes and pre-production pieces more straightforward. For more efficient handling, you can link the GRX to an external robot device and connect it directly with an external measuring unit. Like the GR, the GRX comes with a rotor-specific software package, developed under real manufacturing conditions.

Technical Data* Units Value
Workpiece diameter, max.mm400
Module, max.mmn/a
Profile depth, max.mm80
Tool head swivel rangedegree+/- 90
Centre dist. work spindle / tool spindlemm32.5 - 460
Workpiece length, max.mm1,600
Axial travel, max.mm1,130
Radial travel, max.mm427.5
Tangential travel, max.mmn/a
Tool spindle power kW50
Ceramic wheel diametermm190 - 340
Ceramic wheel thickness, max.mm145
CBN wheel diametermm280
CBN wheel thickness, max.mm100
Dressing disc diameter, max.mm70
Tool spindle speed, max.rpm8,000
Work spindle speedrpm0 - 600
Workpiece weight, max.kg450
Total connected load / with coolant filtration unitkVA150
Machine weight, including standard equipmentkg30,000
  • Based on the structure and axis kinematics of the G 500 H
  • Powerful twin spindle and extremely stabile bed design
  • Integrated dressing and measuring units
  • Profile deviations can be auto-corrected immediately
  • Specific real-world rotor software package
  • CBN grinding wheel capability

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