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Rotor Manufacturing

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Rotor Manufacturing

Star SU offers rotor manufacturing / hobbing machines from FFG's brand Modul. Worms and worm segments gear hobbing machines feature constant or variable leads and a wide range of profiles. 

Designed for automotive applications

  • These machines are designed for automotive applications and have a variety of features including:

    • Dry cutting 
    • Chute conveys chips cleanly
    • Fast and easy operator guidance 
    • Latest dialogue software
    • Flexible tooth flank capability

H 250 R Hobbing Machine

H 250 R Rotor Hobbing Machine

Designed for applications with large modules and tooth depths that require higher cutting forces. The machine features an extended tool head swivel for higher helix angles and a counter column extension in order to clamp longer workpieces.
Part Ø 80 mm – 200 mm

or the most demanding cutting tasks, in dry or wet execution.

H 600 R Rotor Hobbing Machine

An extra high-torque hob spindle with an enlarged swivel angle range is designed to cut workpieces with larger modules and tooth depths. The extended counter column allows the clamping of long and slim shapes. A strong and stable hobbing spindle guarantees jolt-free hobbing of large rotors.
Part Ø 80 mm – 200 mm

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