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UTG Series Broach Grinding Machines

Quick Information:

UTG Series

Excels at grinding round and flat broaches, straight and spiral gash hobs, shaper cutters, spiral broaches, slab mills, rack gear cutters, and worm gear hobs with diameters from 3 mm (1/8 inch) to 305 mm (12 inches).

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Standard and Custom Software Solutions

  • UTG series available in various lengths of “Z” Axis travel (UTG-600, 1200, 1800, 2400)
  • FANUC 6-Axis CNC Controller w/ Digital Servo Motors
  • Dual-probe system for work piece and grinding wheel setup
  • Manual HSK wheel pack mounting
  • Fixed “A” Axis headstock and a movable tailstock for tools up to 3200 mm between centers
  • Glass scales on all liner axes
  • Standard and custom software solutions
  • On-board programmable wheel truing
  • 24 hour service response time
  • Made and serviced in the USA

UGT 2400
UGT 2400
Technical Data Metric Inch
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)5500 x 2300 x 2500 mm18.2’ x 7.6’ x 8.4’
Total Weight: Base Machine15,000 kg33,000 lbs
Maximum Workpiece Diameter305 mm12 inches
Maximum Workpiece Length3200 mm126 inches
A - Axis Workhead Spindle 360° Rotation60 rpm60 rpm
B - Axis Grinding Spindle Swivel 180° Total22 rpm22 rpm
C - Axis Grinding Spindle Swivel +/- 30°25 rpm25 rpm
X - Axis Horizontal Travel450 mm17.7 inches
X - Axis Travel Speed5000 mm/min200 inches/min
Y - Axis Vertical Travel400 mm16 inches
Y - Axis Travel Speed5000 mm/min200 inches/min
Z - Axis Horizontal Travel2680 mm106 inches
Z - Axis Travel Speed5000 mm/min200 inches/min
Grinding Spindle Speed10,000 rpm10,000 rpm
Peak Spindle Horsepower7 kw10 hp
Maximum Grinding Wheel Diameter203 mm8 inches
Smallest Programmable Movement - Linear0.0001 mm0.000004 inches
Linear Axis Glass Scale Feedback Resolution0.00254 mm0.0001 inches
Smallest Programmable Movement - Rotary0.0001 deg0.0001 deg
Optional High Accuracy Encoder0.000000536 deg0.00000536 deg
Rotary Axis Feedback Resolution: A-axis0.00000006 deg0.0001 deg
Rotary Axis Feedback Resolution: B-axis0.00000006 deg0.00000006 deg

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