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PTG-1L Hob Sharpener

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Equipped with a manual HSK spindle, this machine is ideal for repetitive jobs without changes in setup.

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An Affordable Solution for Hob Sharpening

The PTG-1L Hob Sharpening and Tool Reconditioning Grinder is an affordable solution for hob sharpening and in-house tool maintenance. Equipped with a manual HSK spindle, this machine is ideal for repetitive jobs without changes in setup, particularly during the manufacturing and resharpening of straight and spiral gash hobs, dish, shank and helical gear shaper cutters as well as a wide range of round tools.

Technical Data* Units Value
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)mm2920 x 1471 x 2600 mm
Total Weight: Base Machinekg3,900
Maximum Workpiece Diametermm200
Maximum Hob Lengthmm254
Maximum Round Tool Lengthmm*610
C - Axis Headstock Spindle 360° Rotationrpm125
B - Axis Grinding Spindle Swivel +/- 120°rpm12
X - Axis Horizontal Travelmm300
X - Axis Travel Speedm/min10
Y - Axis Vertical Travelmm285
Y - Axis Travel Speedm/min10
Z - Axis Horizontal Travelmm500
Z - Axis Travel Speedm/min10
Grinding Spindle Speedrpm10,000
Continuous Spindle Horsepowerkw7.5
Peak Spindle Horsepowerkw14
Maximum Grinding Wheel Diametermm254
Smallest Programmable Movement - Linearmm0.00254
Linear Axis Glass Scale Feedback Resolutionmm0.00001
Smallest Programmable Movement - Rotarydegree0.0001
Rotary Axis Feedback Resolution: A-axisdegree0.000068
Rotary Axis Feedback Resolution: B-axisdegree0.00000006
  • 5-Axis machine featuring NUM Control
  • NUMROTO® Software
  • 10 HP HSK direct drive grinding spindle
  • Linear glass scales for positioning
  • Max Hob Capacity: 8″ OD x 10″ OAL
  • Precision workholding solutions
  • 22″ user interface display
  • Up to 250 mm diameter Saw Cutters
  • Constant rake angle
  • Constant rake offset
  • Engineered tailstocks and steady rests
  • Onboard wheel dressing

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