NXT Tool Grinder

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NXT Tool Grinder

The NXT is a small footprint machine, with a large grind zone, an ability to run small and large diameter wheels. It uses less moving parts and easily configurable option in a modular design, at a competitive price point.

Small Footprint Machine with a Large Grind Zone

The NXT generation of tool grinding has arrived. The NXT Tool Grinder is a small footprint machine, with a large grind zone. The machine has the ability to run small and large diameter wheels, has easily configurable options, combined with the efficiency and stability from previous Star tool grinders.

Learn more about the engineering process that went into developing the NXT in the latest Star SU Blog.

Common Platform
Flexible Options
NUMROTOplus Software
Technical Data* Units Value
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)mm2300 x 2032 x 2284
Total Weight: Base Machinekg5964
Maximum Workpiece Diametermm254
Maximum Grind Length, End Workmm381
Maximum Grind Length, Flutingmm406
C - Axis Headstock Spindle 360° Rotationrpm1,000
B - Axis Grinding Spindle Swivel +/- 120°rpm12
X - Axis Horizontal Travelmm506
X - Axis Travel Speedm/min50
Y - Axis Vertical Travelmm650
Y - Axis Travel Speedm/min50
Z - Axis Horizontal Travelmm768
Z - Axis Travel Speedm/min50
Grinding Spindle Max. Speedrpm20,000
Peak Spindle Horsepowerkw28
Grinding Wheel Diameter (Wheel Changing)mm203.2
Smallest Programmable Movement - Linearmm0.00254
Linear Axis Glass Scale Feedback Resolutionmm0.00001
Smallest Programmable Movement - Rotarydegree0.0001
Rotary Axis Feedback Resolution: A-axisdegree0.000068
Rotary Axis Feedback Resolution: B-axisdegree0.00000006
Common Platform
  • Focused design to deliver a maximized grind zone with the most economical footprint
  • Travels: X: 500mm [19.7”], Y: 650mm [25.6”], Z: 750mm [29.5”]
  • Capable of 15” end work, 10” diameter parts, utilizing up to 8” wheels
  • Machine centered wheel changing capability with up to (5) storage locations
  • Auto-lube grease system for worry free maintenance
  • High resolution linear glass scales
  • Linear motors instead of ball screws to eliminate backlash, friction effects, and drive vibration
  • 24 hour service response time
  • Manufactured in the USA
Flexible Options
  • Grinding Spindles
    • Asynchronous, Auto HSK50, 7.5KW
    • Synchronous, Auto HSK50, 15KW
    • Synchronous, Auto HSK50, 28KW
  • Robot Automation
    • Capable of auto loading 5-32mm parts with one gripper assembly
    • Capacity for holding (4) pallets
  • Extended tool rail: 24” length (standard 17.3”)
  • On machine truing and dressing motor
  • CNC W-Axis for travel of tool support options along the Z-Axis
  • Manual and automatic tailstock designs
  • Hydraulic actuated steady rest support
  • Extended capabilities to hold and regrind gundrills up to 48”
NUMROTOplus Software

The NXT Tool Grinder features the best grinding software avaliable worldwide: NUMROTOplus

  • Full library of available software to tackle the most demanding cutting tool designs
  • Free software version updates for the life of your NXT
  • USA based application support team for training and trouble shooting

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