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Star SU reamers are made in both multiple flute and multi-diameter types. Based on the overall length of the tool required to machine your feature, we can manufacture a solid carbide reamer or braze a solid carbide reamer head to a tubular steel body.

We also offer the following options:

  • Single and multi-diameter
  • Straight flute, and right hand or left hand spiral
  • Single and multi-fluted designs
  • Super Round Tool (SRT) technology
  • Various shank (holder) designs

Our goal is to combine multiple applications by processing as many steps with the fewest number of tools required while machining a feature. When it is critical that diameters and step lengths remain concentric and precise, our design and manufacturing teams excel. When the job calls for a special tool that you cannot get from a modified standard, you can expect a tool designed for your specific application.