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Chamfer/Deburring Machines from Star SU

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Chamfer/Deburring Machines

Star SU carries a line of FFG Werke - Modul chamfer/deburring machines.Our application engineers will help you find the machine that best suits your requirements, whether you opt for a standalone machine (CD 350), an automated solution for your line (CDA 250) or a flexible all-in-one (CDX 250).
We also carry a selection of integrated hobbing/chamfer/deburr machines.


CDA 250 Chamfer/Deburr Machine

The CDA 250 Chamfer/Deburr Machine is designed for chamfering, deburring and rolling of straight or helical gears and shafts.


CDX 250 H Chamfer/Deburr Machine

Up to workpiece diameter 250 mm and module 4.0

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