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In this business the depth of experience is as important as the depth of your product line. Of course, Star SU offers a wide variety of gear cutting and tool grinding machine tools. But its the recommendations from our experienced engineers that will help optimize your processes for better parts, increased efficiency, and longer tool life. With our extensive line of products and services, we can customize every aspect of your gear cutting and tool grinding operation from cutting speeds and feeds to automation and tool coatings.

Browse our quality gear and tool grinding machine tools by category below, or, you can browse by machine tool brand.

Generating Grinding Machines

Generating Grinding machines feature simple design concepts and user friendly operation. The answer to your generating grinding needs is addressed by two main product families at Samputensili: The GT 500 H and G 250 / G 450.


Samputensili profile and continuous generating grinding machines use the most advanced tooling technology to provide superior performance.

Rotor and Worm

Perfected of the last 20 years, Samputensili rotor grinding machines reduce machining times and increase productivity.

Vertical Hobbing

Star SU offers vertical hobbing machines from FFG's brand Modul. These straight & helical gear hobbing machines are designed for a variety of applications and feature an 80 mm to 2300 mm diameter.


CDA 250 Chamfer/Deburr Machine

The CDA 250 Chamfer/Deburr Machine is designed for chamfering, deburring and rolling of straight or helical gears and shafts.


CDX 250 H Chamfer/Deburr Machine

Up to workpiece diameter 250 mm and module 4.0

Raso 200 Gear Shaving Machine

SICMAT RASO 200 Gear Shaver

Thanks to its “lathe-like” structure and its compact design, RASO 200 has the same stiffness of larger machines. Cycle speed and flexibility are at the top.


SICMAT RASO 250 TP Gear Shaving Machine

The main features of RASO 250 TP are modular concept and construction, exceptionally high rigidity, synchronized tool/workpiece axes, and easy accessibility for maintenance and operation.

Raso 400 Gear Shaving Machine

RASO 400 Gear Shaving Machine

Thanks to its large, open “C” structure, RASO 400 is the most versatile shaving machine. It can shave gears in very different sizes, even big gears and long shafts.


RASO 600 Gear Shaving Machine

The RASO 600 is the ideal machine for gears with large modules and face widths, such as those for tractors, earthmovers, and industrial gears. Chamfering/deburring operation can be integrated as an option.



Profilator S-150 Scudding® Machine

The Profilator S-Type is a compactly and modularly designed, vertical, single spindle pick-up gear cutting machine.



Profilator S-250 Scudding® Machine

The Profilator S-Type is a compactly and modularly designed, vertical, single spindle pick-up gear cutting machine.


Profilator S500

Profilator S-500 Scudding® Machine

The Profilator S-Type is a compactly and modularly designed, vertical, single spindle pick-up gear cutting machine.


Broach Grinding

The Star UTG Series are CNC driven Universal Tool Grinders and are unsurpassed in versatility and performance.

Hob Sharpening

Hob Sharpening and Tool Reconditioning Grinder is an affordable solution for hob sharpening and in-house tool maintenance.

Tool and Cutter Grinders

We sell economical CNC Grinders for reconditioning or manufacturing end mills, drills including high performance drills, step drills, form tools, orthopedic surgical instruments and large diameter carbide tools.

DVH Vertical Turning Machine

DVH Vertical Turning Machine

A guarantee of maximum productivity and quality in modern production. More than 20 years of experience in the development and production of pick-up style vertical turning machines combined with continuous further development help you to master the process requirements of today. The consistent focus on technological solutions has given rise to an enormous pool of knowledge and experience – from which you, too can benefit.


DVT Vertical Turning Machine

The patented design for complete machining without compromise, combined with maximum precision. Nearly two decades of experience have perfectly honed the DVT machine system, making it unrivaled among comparable systems on the market.

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