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Gear Cutting Tools from Star SU

Quick Information:

Explore our comprehensive line of gear cutting tools

  • Gear hobs
  • Milling cutters
  • Gear shaper cutters & shaving tools
  • Master gears, ring & plug gauges
  • Chamfer and deburring tools, and more

Chamfer & Deburring Tools

Star SU carries chamfering, deburring and rolling tools. Explore this section to learn more about each type of tool, its features and benefits.

Gear Hobbing Tools

Star SU's high performance solid carbide or high speed steel hobs with advanced coatings can be used in wet or dry cutting applications.

Milling Cutters

Star SU manufactures accurate, long-lasting, form-relieved milling cutters for saw blades. Every tool is a custom design for a specific application.

Star SU

Scudding® Cutters

Star SU has formed an alliance with Profilator to manufacture Scudding® tools for the global market.

Star SU

Master Gears and Plug Gauges

We offer wide range of precision tools for measurement, setting, calibration and correction. All checking and setting masters are fully tested on CNC inspection equipment and are delivered with a certificate of conformity.

Star SU

Gear Shaper Cutters

A wide variety of shaping tools for virtually every application features gear shaper cutters from Fellows, Samputensili, and Star SU.

Star SU

Gear Shaving Cutters

From design to delivery, we carry a wide range of Samputensili shaving cutters including transverse, diagonal, underpass, plunge, internal/external shaving. All tools are supplied with inspection and lead test charts.

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