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Milling Cutters

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Star SU Milling Cutters

Star SU manufactures accurate, long-lasting, form-relieved milling cutters for saw blades. Every tool is a custom design for a specific application. 

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We pioneered a process for manufacturing precision milling cutters without form grinding after heat treat. This gives our customers the benefits of ground quality tools without the loss of usable life normally seen in ground cutters.

Star SU offers ultra-precision ground rack cutters with pitch accuracies of less than 5μm and tools over 200 mm long with special chip breaker designs.

Star SU

Single and Duplex Milling Cutters

Single and duplex milling cutters are available for most tooth forms from standard involutes and sprockets to special splines and worm cutters.

Star SU

Rack Milling Tools

Star SU provides unparalleled quality for multiple pitched form relieved milling cutters from standard rack forms to asymmetrical shapes. Metric or inch dimensions up to 300mm long. We offer you a high quality, competitive cost and delivery alternative as a manufacturer of Rack Milling Cutters made to your specific manufacturing needs.

Star SU

Special Form Milling Cutters

Special Form cutters are manufactured in a wide range of configurations, including straight and spiral gash designs for cutting gear racks; serration form cutters for chuck jaws and steering gear segments as well as a wide variety of special form relieved cutters for producing items such as pliers, clipper guides, concave and convex form, and tool bits. The drives range from simple keyway bores to complex hubs and shanks.

Star SU

Multiple Thread Milling Cutters

Available in shell type or shank type, multiple thread milling cutters are form relieved and can be supplied with special thread forms.

Star SU

Saw Blade Milling Cutters

Saw blade milling cutters for hack, band, or circular saw blades come in single or variable pitch, straight or tapered outside diameters, single cutters up to 13.5” long or interlocked sets, accurate unground or hard finished.

Total Tool Life Cycle Services

Our expert cutting tool staff will work with you to design, rollout, and manufacture the right tool for your application.

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Find out more about this or another Star SU product or solution by contacting us today. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your manufacturing needs.

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