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About Neher

Providing high-quality tools developed in close collaboration with our customer.

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Web: www.neher-group.com

Diamond Precision Tools by Neher

Neher's comprehensive line of diamond tools, including finish reamers, combination tools and PCD/CBN inserts provides high-quality tools which are developed in close collaboration with the customer. The full PCD, CVD, and CBN portfolio include:

  • Reamers
  • Deep Pocket Side Mills
  • Face Mills
  • End Mills
  • Combination tooling
  • Drills

Additionally, service centers are located in the United States (Farmington Hills, MI) and Europe (Ostrach, Germany) and are equipped to resharpen and repair both Star SU Neher products and competitive tools to blueprint conditions providing excellent repeatable results.

Cutting Tools from Neher

PCD Tooling

PCD Precision Reamers

Star SU/Neher designs and builds precision helical and straight flute PCD reamers, available in carbide and steel body monoblock styles. All tools are manufactured specifically to meet custom design requirements.

PCD Tooling

PCD Combination Tooling

Star SU/Neher engineers and manufactures high quality PCD combination tools designed to meet or exceed custom requirements.

PCD Tooling

PCD Drills

PCD drills from Star SU/Neher increase part quality with over all consistency, improved surface finish, and less tool changes, resulting in an extended tool life.

PCD Tooling

PCD Milling Cutters

Fixed Pocket Milling Cutters are engineered to machine both high and low silicon aluminum. Our standard and special design cutters allow for the maximum number of cutting teeth compared to indexable cutters allowing for reduced cycle times and overall part consistency.

PCD Tooling

PCD Deep Pocket Side Mill

Our special designed combination PCD Deep Pocket Side Mills feature coolant holes sized and placed for optimal performance.

PCD Tooling

PCD Interpolation Tools

PCD Interpolation Tools combine operations into one tool that is capable of milling multiple diameters, spot-facing and machining internal forms that results in cycle times and cost per hole reductions.

Comprehensive Machine Tool Supply & Services

Contact Star SU today to learn more about our comprehensive gear machine tool supply and services from industry experts. You can also browse our online catalog of Gear Manufacturing and Tool Grinding machines, our extensive line of Cutting Tools, or learn about our Complete Tool Services.

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