PCD Milling Cutters

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PCD Milling Cutters

Fixed Pocket Milling Cutters are engineered to machine both high and low silicon aluminum.

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Engineered to machine both high and low silicon aluminum

Our standard and special design cutters allow for the maximum number of cutting teeth compared to indexable cartridge cutters resulting in reduced cycle times and overall part consistency.

Advantages of NEHMO Milling Cutter’s fixed brazed cutting edges:

  • No manual adjustment required
  • OAL and DIA is extremely consistent
  • Axial run out less than 0.005 mm resulting in very good surface finish
  • No high stock costs to have the PCDs reconditioned
    • Cartridge/insert inventory is not necessary
  • High-tech PCD material options available based on materials being machined
  • The strategic placement of internal coolant holes exit in direction of the cutting edge that assist with introducing thermal shock to the chip
    • This results in breaking the chip
  • Balancing value of every NEHMO Face Milling Cutter is G 2.5
  • Two Safety inserts for unequal casting parts that are 5 mm or longer
  • Different cutting edge geometries available for different finish surfaces
DIA Ø Standard Pitch Maximum Pitch
40 mmZ6Z10
50 mmZ6Z12
63 mmZ6Z14
100 mmZ9Z20
125 mmZ12Z22
160 mmZ16Z28
  • Available in all styles of commercial interfaces
  • Balanced tools to achieve excellent surface finish
  • Custom lengths available
  • Chip breakers upon request
  • Special radius, chamfer, or forms available

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