Gear Shaving Cutters

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Gear Shaving Cutters

As one of the largest producers of cutting tools worldwide and with particular expertise in shaving technology, we offer a wide range of shaving cutters.

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Types of Gear Shaving Cutters

  • Transverse
  • Diagonal
  • Underpass
  • Plunge
  • Internal/external shaving
  • Unground or fi nished shaving cutters
  • All tools are supplied with inspection and lead test charts


  • Module 0,8 – 10 mm*
  • Max. width 65 mm
  • Outside diameter 70 – 330 mm


It is possible to choose from different conventional HSS or powder steels.

  • M2
  • ASP 2030


From design to delivery, all processes are carried out in-house and Samputensili shaving cutters are manufactured on our own process machines.

Our service centers in the United States, Mexico and Europe regrind all types of shaving cutters – regardless of who produces them – on the very latest grinding machines available.In certain areas collection and delivery services are available. Learn More About Tool Services

Total Tool Life Cycle Services

Our expert cutting tool staff will work with you to design, rollout, and manufacture the right tool for your application.

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