Profilator S-500 Scudding® Machine

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Profilator S-500

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Profilator S-500

The Profilator S-Type is a compactly and modularly designed, vertical, single spindle pick-up gear cutting machine. The S-500 is designed for gears up to a diameter of 500 mm. All machine components are designed for especially high static stiffness and optimal dynamic behaviour. Control panel and media container are installed on the rear of the machine bed. The workpiece flow direction is variable, loading from front and rear as well as from side to side. All machining is done dry.

Profilator Scudding® Machine

Technical Data Units Value
Working Rangemm500
Machining maxmm400
Clamping chuck maxmm650
X-axis - slide travelmm1700
Y-axis - slide travelmm250
Z-axis - slide travelmm500
B-axis - slide travelrpm+/-45°

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