Super Round Tool (SRT)

Super Round Tool (SRT)

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The SRT is an original Star Cutter Company design and build product that offers a unique, patented design that combines two tools into one — multiple straight flutes for consistent location and multiple helical flutes to ensure roundness and finish.

The SRT consistently produces excellent roundness and straightness. Our product’s results are within microns in a wide variety of applications including: powdered metal, cast iron, graphite iron, steel and aluminum. The SRT offers:

  • Roundness and straightness within microns
  • Lowest cost per hole
  • Increase in throughput by reducing cycle times
  • Diameters starting at .1875’” [4.76mm]
  • Special design and build for your application part requirements

Material: powdered metal 
Stock removal: .040 
Speed: 2,100 rpm Feed: 24 ipm 
SRT: 9,000 holes 
Competition: 3,500 holes

Other materials, including cast iron, aluminum, compacted graphite iron and steel, can be machined with similar results.



Roundness and straightness within 11 microns after 3,500 holes.

Super Round Tool Competitor Specs

Super Round Tool

Roundness and straightness within 2 microns after 3,500 holes.

Super Round Tool Specs