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March 27, 2019

How using Near Net Shape Carbide Blanks can save you time!

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One goal of the H.B. Advantage is to save our customers time when machining our blanks.  By providing near net shape blanks, we can reduce the overall grinding time required to finish the blanks.  We do this by adding features such as diameters, flutes, pockets, flats, coolant holes, etc.   All machining is done in the green state before the carbide is hardened and is performed using much higher feed rates than conventional grinding.  The combination of added features and reduced stock provides our customers with blanks that have less material to be removed during finishing, which leads to reduced cycle times and costs.








H.B. Carbide uses model based machining methods, so we encourage our customers to share 3D models of complex parts in order to achieve the closest near net shape blanks as possible.  We use Star’s Numroto based grinding machines, so when possible, we utilize customer’s Numroto grinding programs to duplicate and provide the most complex fluting features as accurately as possible.










Chuck Crane                                                                                                                                                                  

Product Manager, H.B. Carbide Company

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