Multi Diameter Cavity Machining Tools

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Multi Diameter Cavity Machining Tools

Star SU has perfected a line of cavity/porting tools that will allow cuts from either a solid or cast core casting condition. In many cases, these multi-step tools will allow cavity machining in one pass or shot.

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Cavity Machining in One Pass or Shot

When machining fluid power cavities, there are several characteristics that are very critical to the performance of the hydraulic cartridge valve. The most important characteristics of the cavities are controlling bore size, roundness and surface finish for proper valve seating preventing leakage. Each critical feature machined for a given cavity/port must be generated correctly to prevent damage the seals or O-rings.

The most accurate way to produce the cavity/port is by utilizing Star Cutters’ solid carbide tooling process. Our latest engineered solutions have replaced traditional high-speed steel,  brazed carbide tipped and sub-landed style tools with pressure coolant coated solid carbide tooling.  The number of tools used to machine the cavity is determined by the diameter sizes and depths of cut, which our Engineering Department will optimize the machining process typically with either a single or two pass solution.

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