Solid Carbide Core Drills

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Solid Carbide Core Drills

Star SU has special design and build core drills that are ideal for machining aluminum, ductil, nodular, and compacted graphite irons (CJI).

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Special Design and Build Core Drills

Star Cutter core drills are ideal for machining aluminum, ductile, nodular, and compacted graphite irons (CGI) from solid or cored casting conditions, helping to correct imperfections in the casting for finishing operations. These drills reduce cycle times, provide constancy in the overall life of the product, and machine with reduced harmonics compared to an inserted drill. In addition, solid carbide core drills can be re-sharpened many times, keeping the cost per hole competitive.

Special core drills can also serve as excellent pilot tools in gundrilling operations. The pilot tool can also have a chamfer added, allowing the core drill to combine two tools into one. These are especially helpful for highly interrupted cuts where indexable or insert drills experience performance difficulties.

– Diameters starting at 0.3150” (8mm). Each drill order should be accompanied by casting and tool layout prints.
– Three or four flute designs
– Multiple diameter options also available
– Tool can be reconditioned multiple times.

Round Tool Reconditioning Services

Enhance your cost savings goals with rotary tool reconditioning services from Star.

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