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Gear Shaving Machines from Star SU

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Gear Shaving Machines

SICMAT S.p.A Gear Shaving Machines offers a carefully controlled operation which significantly improves the performance and quality of your gear shaving process.

Raso 200 Gear Shaving Machine

SICMAT RASO 200 Gear Shaver

Thanks to its “lathe-like” structure and its compact design, RASO 200 has the same stiffness of larger machines. Cycle speed and flexibility are at the top.


SICMAT RASO 250 TP Gear Shaving Machine

The main features of RASO 250 TP are modular concept and construction, exceptionally high rigidity, synchronized tool/workpiece axes, and easy accessibility for maintenance and operation.

Raso 400 Gear Shaving Machine

RASO 400 Gear Shaving Machine

Thanks to its large, open “C” structure, RASO 400 is the most versatile shaving machine. It can shave gears in very different sizes, even big gears and long shafts.


RASO 600 Gear Shaving Machine

The RASO 600 is the ideal machine for gears with large modules and face widths, such as those for tractors, earthmovers, and industrial gears. Chamfering/deburring operation can be integrated as an option.


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