GW 3600 H Rotor and Worm Grinding Machine

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GW 3600 H

This highly specialized range of machines is available in different versions depending on the length and profile depth of your workpieces.

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GW 3600 H Rotor and Worm Grinding Machine

The GW 3600 H is a profile grinding machines for cylindrical or tapered, simple or barrier-type worms and worm segments, with constant or variable leads and in a wide range of profiles. Our machines are also ideal for manufacturing rotors and other screw-type workpieces.

Thanks to the technology and equipment applied to this innovative line of machines (cooling and filtration systems and motors), it is possible to apply the creep feed method, grinding your workpieces from a solid block or machining heat-treated workpieces, whilst obtaining incredibly high performances. This highly specialised range of machines is available in different versions depending on the length and profile depth of your workpieces. Also, with a wide range of dressing units and tool spindles on offer, no job is too complicated for the GW 3600 H.

Our profile grinding program is completed by ceramic and CBN-plated profile grinding wheels for roughing and finishing, and naturally we can address any tool servicing requirement, including CBN stripping and replating. You can purchase your dressing tools either from Samputensili or from your usual supplier. Whatever your requirements and whatever production technology you opt for, with Samputensili you will always have the key to efficient manufacturing without ever compromising on the quality of your end product.

Technical Data* Units Value
Workpiece diameter, max.mm250
Module, max.mmn/a
Profile depth, max.mm40
Tool head swivel rangedegree+/- 90
Centre dist. work spindle / tool spindlemm170 - 355
Workpiece length, max.mm3,600
Axial travel, max.mm3,000
Radial travel, max.mm185
Tangential travel, max.mmn/a
Tool spindle powerkW20 / 35
Ceramic wheel diametermm330 - 450
Ceramic wheel thickness, max.mm45 / 75 with shoulders
CBN wheel diametermmn/a
CBN wheel thickness, max.mmn/a
Dressing disc diameter, max.mm70
Tool spindle speed, max.rpm4,000
Work spindle speedrpm0 - 400
Workpiece weight, max.kg250
Total connected load / with coolant filtration unitkVA40
Machine weight, including standard equipmentkg18,500
  • 3600 mm grinding length
  • Optional dressing units for ceramic grinding wheels
  • Flexible mass production requirements

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