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July 29, 2021

Motion + Power Technology Expo – Booth #3513

Motion Power Tools

At the Motion + Power Technology Expo (September 14-16, 2021 | St. Louis Convention Center), STAR SU will be showcasing its full offering of machine tool and cutting tool solutions for producing gears and other fluid power components. Star SU’s comprehensive line of products and services enables the company to customize each cutting and tool grinding operation from cutting speeds and feeds to automation and tool coatings. The company will be presenting interactive demonstrations and displays of the following:

Machine Tools for a variety of processes including:

  • Vertical Gear Hobbing for workpieces from 80mm to 2300mm diameter; FFG Werke GmbH Modul H80 – H2300 machines
  • Chamfer, Deburr and Rolling of straight or helical gears or shafts up to 250mm diameter, FFG Werke GmbH Modul CD250, CDA250 and CDX machines
  • Vertical Spindle Scudding of gears up to 500mm diameter; Profilator Scudding® machines, models S240 – S500
  • Tool and Cutter Grinding for sharpening straight and spiral gash hobs up to 8” diameter; Star Cutter NXT 5-axis tool and cutter grinder

Cutting Tools
Star SU will also be showcasing its wide variety of gear cutting tools including solutions for chamfer and deburring, hobbing, and milling, as well as scudding cutters manufactured to produce gear and spline teeth for reduced cycle times and tool costs.

Also, Star SU’s multi-diameter cavity machining tools that allow cuts form either a solid or cast core casting condition will be featured. These multi-step tools often enable a cavity machining in a single pass or shot.

The company will also display select H. B. Carbide preforms suited for gear cutting applications.

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