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January 13, 2015

Star SU LLC to produce Scudding® tools for Profilator

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL., January 13, 2015— Star SU LLC has formed an alliance with Profilator to manufacture Scudding® tools for the global market and in North America in cooperation with GMTA in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Scudding® is the radical improvement on traditional power skiving technology for gear production, long proven in the market to be faster, more accurate and versatile in use.  Often thought to be limited to internals only, Scudding is fast beginning to compete in shaping, broaching and other gear cutting applications for gears and splines.  David Goodfellow, president of Star SU LLC is very pleased with the new partnership. “Star SU is using its vast experience of gear cutting tool technology for new tool development, as well as its tool service centers to support Profilator on this new technology process.  We are looking forward to working with Profilator and GMTA and see this as mutually beneficial for each company.”

ABOVE IMAGE: Profilator CEO Thomas Buchholtz with SAMP S.p.A president Antonio Maccafferi, Star SU LLC president David Goodfellow, and Star Cutter Company president Brad Lawton. 

ABOVE IMAGE: Profilator S-500 machine with Scudding® process

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