Solid Carbide Single Flute Gundrills

Solid Carbide Single Flute Gundrills

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Solid carbide gundrills have a two-piece construction design. The absence of the braze joint at the head/body transition eliminates the possibility of coolant obstructions while adding significant strength to the tool. The design of this product helps improve the T.I.R. between the head and body.

Solid carbide gundrills are available from diameter ranges of .039" [1.00mm] to .200" [5.08mm] and greater with lengths up to 11.25” [286mm]. The greatest benefit of this type of tool is its rigidity. When a tool enters the material, as well as while it’s drilling, it’s exposed to torque forces, or wind-up. This has a detrimental effect on the carbide, resulting in premature wear.

The solid carbide gundrill strength counters the wind-up forces. Another advantage of two-piece solid carbide gundrill versus the traditional three-piece construction gundrill is the ability to run at much higher feed rates. Many applications yield to high surface footage with conventional style gundrills.

The strength of the solid carbide gundrill can allow penetration up to 2x-3x higher feed rates running at conventional RPM’s. See below for a table of standard solid carbide gundrill size ranges.

With extensive knowledge and practical experience in machining all types of steels (including exotic alloys), irons, and aluminums, Star can provide the best possible answer to your production needs.

Diameter Range Range of Overall Length of Flute
.039" [1.00mm] - .060" [1.52mm] Up to - 7" [178mm]
.061" [1.53mm] - .070" [1.78mm] Up to 10" [254mm]
.071" [1.79mm] - .200" [5.08mm] and greater Up to 11.25” [286mm]