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January 3, 2019

Improving the Process of Machining the Firing Pin Hole with the Solid Carbide Twist Drill

Stripped Bolt Head

With the industries increased volumes, there is a need to reduce cycle times in machining the firing pin hole in gun bolts. This is what the Star SU process is looking to improve upon compared to the traditional process.

The traditional process is outlined below:

The single flute gundrill is a traditional style deep-hole product that machines very accurate straight holes with excellent true position results.  This style of deep-hole product has only one cutting blade and therefore can result in long cycle times resulting in reduced parts per hour. In order to meet demand, this can lead to a need for additional equipment.

Our process utilizes a solid carbide twist drill in place of the single flute gundrill and is outlined below:

Pilot Tool and Solid Carbide Twist Drill

The Solid Carbide Twist Drill results in a greatly reduced cycle time. In most instances, cycle times can be reduced by 80% over the current process. Our products are designed specifically for each application to optimize geometries and custom overall lengths of the tool.  The sculptured polished flute geometry on our twist drills allows for excellent chip evacuation and feed rates while maintaining true position requirements from top to bottom of the machined bore. This ability holds true even when machining traditionally difficult materials. Special carbide substrate materials and coatings are chosen based on material and application needs that result in excellent overall tool life.

Jamie Dunneback

North America Sales Manager – Round Tool Divisions

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