Deburring Tools

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Deburring Tools

A hardened burr may lead to premature wear of tools in subsequent finishing operations. Removal of very sharp burrs reduces the risk of tool handling injuries.

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Reduce the Risk of Tool hHandling Injuries

A burr which is not removed may break off during use and damage bearings or gears in gearboxes.
Over-carbonizing may result in too much pressure being exerted on sharp gear lateral surfaces which might then break.

Star SU carries the following deburring tools from Samputensili:

  • P Type (Standard tool for straightgear lateral surfaces)
  • P 1000 type (Like P type but grooved)
  • PR type (with alternate sections for straight gear lateral surfaces radiused to the root)
  • PR 1000 type (grooved tool for straight gear lateral surfaces radiused to the root)
  • A 1000 type (grooved tool for inclined gear lateral surfaces)
  • AR 1000 type (same as A 1000 type but radiused to the root)
  • SPR 1000 type (special tool for chain sprockets)
  • T 1000 (grooved tool for chamfering turning chamfers on the tooth tip)

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