Rifle Buttons/Push & Pull Reamers

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Rifle Buttons/Push & Pull Reamers

Star high precision rifle buttons and push & pull reamers are made to your specific requirements.

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Made to your Specific Requirements

Rifle Buttons

Star high precision rifle buttons are made to your specific requirements.

  • Improved part quality with good finishes
  • Button to button performance consistency
  • Excellent lead times
  • High quality, competitive cost alternative

Rifle Button Size Range: 17-50 caliber

Push & Pull Reamers

Firearm push and pull reamers are manufactured from the special carbide grades, chosen during the design phase, ensuring high quality cutting edges. These reamers ensure tight tolerances.

Express Stock Gundrill Program

Gundrill Catalog Array

Round Tool Reconditioning Services

Enhance your cost savings goals with rotary tool reconditioning services from Star.

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