VDM 1600 Vertical Turning Machine

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  • Proven railway wheel manufacturing machine
  • Tool turret includes an automatic disk-type tool changing system

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VDM 1600 Performance and Flexibility Features:

  • Performance features up to 54 000 Nm and 170 kW
  • For manual and automatic loading
  • powerful geared spindle three-phase drive
  • double slide version with one support for turning and milling via motorized spindle
  • configuration of machine with modular system
  • variable chip conveyor and cooling systems (high pressure cooling)
  • variety of tools and tool holding systems
  • quick tool change offered by a variety of systems (chain-type, magazine-type and disk-type systems)
  • different expansion stages up to a shuttle slide machine, also known as jump slide machine VDM XXXX-22
  • Versions: VDM 1600 T (Turning), VDM 1600 TM (Turn-Mill) und VDM 1600 G (Grinding)
Technical Data* Units Value
Work area
Turning diameter max.mm1600
Swing diameter max.mm1800
Workpiece height incl.
clamping devicemm900 (optional 1600)
Feed rate/rapid traverse
Rapid traverse Z-axism/min20
Rapid traverse X-axism/min20
Main spindle
Diameter front bearingmm800
Spindle flangeDIN6353
Spindle headsizeZA 1000
Main drive
Power max. (40% duty cycle)kW165
Torque max. (40% duty cycle)Nm49 500
Speed max.rpm400
Tool system (option: modular) disc
Tool holders (DIN 69880)ø mm60
Option Y-Axisx
Machine foot print
Dimensions L x B x Hm8.8 x 5.4 x 4.6
Weightkg42 000
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