Precision Cutting Tools from One Source

Our comprehensive cutting tool line contains almost everything for your cutting tool needs, including patented solutions you will find only at Star SU. Explore the Cutting Tool categories below to learn more about our offerings. Or, you can browse by cutting tool brand.

Gear Cutting Tools
Carbide Drills & Reamers
Carbide Blanks & Preforms


Star SU's high performance solid carbide or high speed steel hobs with advanced coatings can be used in wet or dry cutting applications.

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Milling Cutters

Star SU manufactures accurate, long-lasting, form-relieved milling cutters for saw blades. Every tool is a custom design for a specific application.

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Indexable Gear Milling

As national sales channel partner for Sandvik Coromant's line of Gear Milling Solutions, Star SU presents several new solutions and products from Sandvik Coromant enabling competitive production of small to large batch sizes, both in dedicated machines as well as multi-task machines. 

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Chamfer & Deburring Tools

Star SU carries chamfering, deburring and rolling tools from Samputensili. Explore this section to learn more about each type of tool, its features and benefits. 

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Gear Shaving Cutters

From design to delivery, we carry a wide range of shaving cutters including transverse, diagonal, underpass, plunge, internal/external shaving. All tools are supplied with inspection and lead test charts.

  • Module: 0.8 - 10 mm 
  • Max. width: 65 mm 
  • Outside diameter: 70 - 330 mm
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Master Gears, Ring and Plug Gauges

We offer wide range of precision tools for measurement, setting, calibration and correction. All checking and setting masters are fully tested on CNC inspection equipment and are delivered with a certificate of conformity.

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Gear Shaper Cutters

A wide variety of shaping tools for virtually every application features gear shaper cutters from Fellows, Samputensili, and Star SU.

  • Module min./max. 0.5 - 16.0 mm
  • Max. Ø: 220 mm
  • Other dimensions on request
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Single Flute Gundrills

The single flute gundrill, with its ability to machine very straight deep holes and hold excellent finishes, was originally developed for gun barrel manufacturing. Today, this drill is designed for deep hole drilling in virtually any material.

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Solid Carbide Single Flute Gundrills

Solid carbide gundrills have a two-piece construction design. The tip and body are a single piece of carbide brazed into the driver/shank and the flute is ground down the length of the head and body. This rigid design has made its way into CNC machining centers and lathes, equipped with high pressure coolant delivery systems. 

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Two-Flute Two-Hole Gundrills

Often referred to as the “milled style,” the two-flute two-hole gundrill differs from the double crimp by the rigidity of its body. This rigid body allows for higher feed rates than traditional crimp body style drills.

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Double Jet Gundrills

Star SU, with its years of experience in gundrilling developed a Star original patented Double Jet Gundrill. The most critical interface, in which the carbide is subjected to the most traumas, is during entry/exit of the part and during interruptions of the boring cycle.

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Double Crimp Gundrills

The term double crimp is derived from the process of crimping the same tube used for the single flute gundrill, only crimping it twice, 180 degrees apart. Therefore, with the flute channels on this type of tool being somewhat shallower then the single flute, they limit the type of materials to be drilled by the chip size generated.

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Bi-Tip Gundrills

Similar to the Two-Flute Two-Hole “milled style” product line engineered with a solid steel body, the Bi-Tip has an auger-like helix ground in the body.

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Rifle Buttons

Star high precision rifle buttons are made to your specific requirements.

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Multi Diameter Cavity Machining Tools

Star SU has perfected a line of cavity/porting tools that will allow cuts from either a solid or cast core casting condition. In many cases, these multi-step tools will allow cavity machining in one pass or shot.

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Solid Carbide Drills

Star SU's specially designed, solid carbide drills are available as straight or helical drills, single or multiple diameters drills, single or multiple-flute design, diameter range starting from 0.1875" (4.76 mm).

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Solid Carbide Core Drills

Star SU has special design and build core drills that are ideal for machining aluminum, ductil, nodular, and compacted graphite irons (CJI).

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Reamers Lead InStar SU reamers are made in both multiple flute and multi-diameter types. Based on the overall length of the tool required to machine your feature, we can manufacture a solid carbide reamer or braze a solid carbide reamer head to a tubular steel body.

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Super Round Tool (SRT)

Super Round Tool (SRT) Lead InThe SRT is an original Star Cutter Company design and build product that offers a unique, patented design that combines two tools into one — multiple straight flutes for consistent location and multiple helical flutes to ensure roundness and finish.

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Valve Guide Reamers

Star SU valve guide reamers utilize pressurized coolant to force chips ahead of the tool to produce ultra-smooth, ultraprecise holes. They produce holes to tolerance of 0.0005" (0.13 mm) and less in steel, cast iron, compacted graphite iron, nodular iron, aluminum, bronze and exotic materials.

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Carbide Drill & Reamer Blanks

Using both CNC and manual equipment  H.B. Carbide can provide detailed special preforms with minimal grind stock to your print.

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Specialty Blanks

Blanks can be manufactured for your specific requirements using any of the grades we offer. Our experienced operators, using CNC and manual equipment, can manufacture nearly any blank you require.

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Die and Bushing Blanks

Die and bushing blanks are available in multiple grades for die nibs, drill bushings, valve trim, chokes and more.

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Special Extrusions

Star SU carries the following standard extruded products in most H.B. Carbide grades.

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Round Rod

H.B. Carbide manufactures several types of round rod in numerous sizes and multiple grades including round rods, single hole rods, two-hole rods, ground round rods, and helical hole rods.

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Gundrill Blanks

Standard gundrill extrusions up to 12.2” long are available in diameters ranging from 0.098” to 0.770” OD and are available with three different coolant hole geometries.

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Flat Blanks

Flat blanks are available from H.B. Carbide in all carbide grades. They can be used for wire EDM, knife blanks, form tools, rings, and washers.

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